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What I use to think and now I think

I think language is symbols that has meaning and people use language to describe things. But after the activity we did during the class, it changed my point of view.
During the tower build activity, we started with absolutely no communication I tried to understand what others are doing and help them. But later on I found their method would not work so well, then I tried to use gestures to express my opinion. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand what I was talking about. Gestures didn’t work so well in this soundless activity.
Then why my gesture didn’t work? Because my gestures mean something else to others, it is not a common understanding. And I think experiences are more important than somebody talking to you. If you want to have a better understand of this activity, try is the best way to experience.

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Reasoning and memory

“which day did she come here? is it the 14th or the 15th?”
“She came here for three days, today is the 17th.”
Sometimes memories will confuse us, as time pass by some memories will become unclear and we are not sure if it is reliable or not. I think reasoning might be a good way to check out. In the RLS I mentioned before, people could use different areas of knowing for reasoning, math is an area of knowing. Sometimes a detective would reasoning to test whether the situation described from a witness is true or not.
There are two types of reasoning, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning they are both based on logics.
Sometimes memories could cheat us but logic and reasoning cannot.

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Language VS imagination

Real life situation:

A scientist is reading the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and becomes inspired to try to bring life to a dead body.


Language and imagination are both ways of knowing. I think language in TOK means the symbols that have meanings; we get information from those symbols. Imagination is a natural ability, nobody teaches us how to image. Within imagination, there is logic and reasoning I think these is where we get the information from and also the image people created in their heads.

The most typical products that combine these two woks are the fictions, novels or even fairytales. People write the images in their heads by using the symbols that have meanings try to tell other people about the story or their own ideas.

Another real life situation could be when someone is talking to me, I would automatically try to image if I were the person or try to recreate the situation that the person is taking about. I think language and imagination works collaborative, one helps another one.

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Does it really matter if what we believe is true?

I think believe or faith doesn’t have to be true like religions, there is no God up in the sky but there is still many people believe that is God is actually there and helping them. The truth is religion is just a way in old days to control people’s mind but I think nowadays it’s not bad to believe in religions; sometimes what you believe in would give you power and it gives people a way to release themselves.

Placebo effect is an effect meaning that although the patients has received an unhelpful treatment, but “expected” or “believe” that the treatment will work, and make the patients suffer less from the illness. It is the same if you compare to religions. The treatment is not working but we believe it is true, therefore sometimes our believes don’t need to be true.

But sometimes it is really matter if what we believe is true, for example KKK or Falun gong. These two examples are having the wrong knowledge claims. If people believe in something they might do things that reflect their believes, therefore if people believed in the wrong way they might do the wrong things. 10 years ago, there were few people burned themselves in front of Tiananmen because they believe in Falun gong, they believe they are going to the Haven by doing this.

So sometimes it is really matter if what we believe is true, it will harm if we believe in the wrong thing. Anything has its double sides, what more important is how can we distinguish between truth or false and be strong with your opinions.

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TOK reflection

We have just started our TOK course this week, we first talked about 16 words and one of them is the word perspective. Perspective means a particular way of thinking about something. Your perspectives might be totally different from others and that is because of your experiences, religion and the environment you are staying. We discussed four questions:

  1. Is it wrong to place yourself in the middle of your own map of the world?NGPacCenterPolWorld-Map-Vietnam-in-red

Africa is in the middle if the map on image 1, Australia is in the middle of the map on image2. These two examples show different perspectives on how people see the world. The activity we done before which is to draw world map without any help, and of course everyone’s world map is different. The reason of that might be the environment.

And we found out that the world we know now is very different from what we know the world when we were child. Family is basically the world of a child, as we gain more knowledge education and on the Internet or travel a lot our worldview expanded. That is another example of perspectives.

  1. What does this say about how we see ourselves in the world particularly in relation to others?

I think I can use the example of child views v. now views. When we were child we only need to consider about your parents, or ourselves maybe at that time you will think, “everybody has to think about me first”, but now it changes you found out that there are not only you on the planet there are more people than you thought, there are some people living under a bad life-conditions, somebody might have the same thoughts as you, etc. then you started to think about others and I think this is the start point of a person’s socialize.


  1. What is the connection between maps and politics?

I think the general relationship is map shows the territories and the boundaries. I like the point that Josh rose up: “map separates the country,” it reminds me that several years ago some Tibetan wanted to be separate from China I think this is also related to perspectives, what we thought about then and what they thought about themselves is totally different. Taiwan is also an example; mainland China think Taiwan is a part of China, but Taiwanese people they don’t think so although they call themselves a part of China. I think the reason of this is because of education, what our teachers and parents told us were different and therefore we think about it differently.

  1. Is there a thing as a correct map? Why?

In my opinion every map is not exact it has error, if we compared the map the true world, then the map will be wrong. This is about one perspective; another perspective is depends on what is the purpose of the map. If you were a diver you might want a GPS map shows all the streets, if you were a helicopter diver you might want a topographical map, then is map is correct.

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American Education System is More Flexible

Education is a long-time process; people don’t stop learning even after they graduate from school.
Nowadays, new technology and new domains are coming up very quickly.
Therefore we have to keep on learning. Teachers are not able to be with us for our entire lives,
so learning how is very essential. In my point of view, I think the American public school education
system answers this question very well. But at the same the time, there are some points where a
Chinese public school education does better than American.
I studied in a Chinese public school for a very long time: from primary school to middle school
nearly 10 years. After such a long time, I asked myself: “why do Chinese have to study under a high
pressure?” I had to study until the midnight and finish tons of homework. These homework just like
nightmares that tangles your minds. Homework is a big part of education that could show how much
you learn during the class. American schools focus on quality of the homework; Chinese schools focus
on the quantity of the homework. American homework also tests multi skills such as research skills,
language use, summarizing skills, etc..
Compared to the Chinese education, these are more freedom and flexibility in American education.
Students could choose the subjects they like and they would meet different people by having different
courses, which makes them more social. American students have time to develop their own interest
and find the things they are passionate about. Schools have classes like clubs or ECA (extra curriculum
Besides homework and courses, American schools will provide a series of activities that students could
have fun with and gain knowledge at the same time such as literacy week. Students meet different people,
answer various questions and play games with different grade levels. However, while American public
schools teach students multi- skills, their average academic grades are lower than Chinese, especially
Overall, American public school education and Chinese public school education both have their
 advantages and disadvantages. But I think American students will be more competitive in their
future lives. Finally, whether you are in Chinese schools or American school, you should put the
 most effort in that you can, it is the most important and this will lead you to success.
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Analysis of Leman Leaner Profile


The Leman Learner Profile is a set of list of acquirements describe the qualities what an ideal student will have. These are the qualities we are going to approach and we could compare the profile with ourselves to see what we are good at and what we need to improve.

For me, “courageous” and “knowledgeable” describe me well. On the profile, “courageous” is defined as “I approach unfamiliar situation and uncertainty with courage and forethought and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies.” Adapting new environments and get familiar with strangers are my strength. For example, on the second day of my leman school life, I made friends with 80% of grade 10. Obviously everyone is friendly in this class. 😀

Moreover, “ I explore ideas an d issues that have local and world significance. In so doing, I acquire in –depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balance range of disciplines.” this describe me as “knowledgeable”. For some reasons that I don’t know why; I have some knowledge from many areas and I am quite open-mined to the things that some people couldn’t understand, like homosexuality or some culture staff. But I can also explain them through an objective way.

“Principled” and “ innovative” are the ones I need to improve. To be principle is to take responsibilities of your own actions and the con sequences after the action; innovative is to change creatively as the situations change. I also found the weakness through my daily life sometimes I’ll have no idea when something changes. Principle, for instance, I might give some friends special treatments but others can’t get.

After I’ve done the analysis of the Leman Learn Profile I ‘ve got some confidence back and I know more about what I should really work on. QWQ

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19th Century Literature Project

  • Research question:

How do the characters in 19th century literature could reflect the situations at that time?

  • How we came up with this idea

At first our research question is actually separated, I wanted to do society Sible wanted to work on characters in the literature. We try to find another topic that we are both interested in but we couldn’t. So, we combined this two together and this combination works quite well.

  • What we are going to do

We are going to work on the parts that we want to do. I am going to know more about the habitude of that period and Sible will figure out the characteristics; we will combine these together and analyse them.

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It Is Terrible to Have a Cold! QAQ

Recently, the weather changed rapidly. A few weeks ago, it were like spring for a whole week, but days ago it started to raining a lot , and the temperature decreased a lot , just like autumn. For many nights, I could hear those numerous little rain drops hitting the rooftop. I didn’t pay much attention to the weather and the temperature and I acted as normal then I had a cold…..QAQ. It’s been a long time since the last time I had a cold.

One morning when I woke up, my throat felt very uncomfortable, I thought that was not a big deal “ just leave it alone and it will recover itself.” But I was wrong! QAQ. It became worse as time went by! My nose kept running and never stopped. That was extremely terrible! It was an endless torture. I had to carry tissues wherever I went , and the surface of my nose became vey dry. I don’t want to experience that again! TAT. At night, I couldn’t fall asleep because I could only breath with my mouth! But I made a mistake again, I was too silly. I decided to not take pills, I wanted my body to recover itself and I made it worse….QAQ. how stupid I was.

But I am very lucky, I have my mom. My mum took a lot care of me, brought some pills and gave me hot water. She was nice and I am glad I have such a good mom. QWQ

Remember to take care of yourself when the weather is changing rapidly and be nice to your mom because she will always love you. 😀

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So Far So Good–Passion Project Progress

As I mentioned before I have some dolls which are about 60 cm high. Recently I bought a new one, but this one is much smaller than the ones I used to have. She is about 21cm high. She is too tiny to find clothes which fit her. “The clothes maketh the man”: clothes could make a man looks nice. So, we decided we are going to make clothes for the tiny doll.


We are going to make a kimono, which is a kind of Japanese traditional garment. The reason why we chose that is because a kimono is easy to make and it looks nice when you finish it, I hope.


Recently I bought a sample of the clothes we are making. Through these sample clothes, we can see exactly how other people make clothes. In order to make it clearer, I found a set of paper samples that shows all the parts of the clothes.



Here is the sample clothes.


My partner Eva is searching materials on taobao. for the fabric we decided it together.

Eva’s blog :

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